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Why Do a Strategic Plan instead of a Business Plan?

Why Do a Strategic Plan instead of a Business Plan?

by: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. O.C.


You Messed Up -- Admit It

GALLUP Management Journal
26 August 2010

A brand paradox: If organizations want reputations without tarnish, they need to acknowledge their mistakes

Organizational Evolution in a 'Boundaryless' Organization

by Sam Falk as a project for his Mater of Science in Management of Technology - May 2001


Organizational Evolution applies the metaphor of biologic evolution to learning processes in organizations. An organization’s policies, the rules people follow during their daily activities, are its genes, and evolutionists study how policies change as people in an organization make decisions and learn from each other.

Your Career Wellbeing and Your Identity


People underestimate the impact of their career on their overall wellbeing

by Tom Rath and James K. Harter, Ph.D.
Adapted from Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements (Gallup Press)


Do you like what you do each day?