Perception is formed when an event happens combined with the way we feel about the event. Perception can be faulty or true.  Faulty perceptions may be the main cause of human stress and dissatisfaction. 

Faulty Perception:

  1. Event represents any ordinary or extra ordinary phenomena that happens every moment of the day. This could include receiving an email, witnessing an accident, taking a walk, breaking a dish, watching a movie, talking to a friend, finishing a project, etc.
  2. The first thing that happens after the event occurs (this could change from moment to moment) some quality of feeling arises: Pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Based on our relationship to the present feeling immediately thoughts come up to explain it. See the diagram above.
  3. When thoughts come up to explain the feelings they change the actual event from its pure form to the version of one’s own understanding or better yet, one’s own liking. Faulty Perception is formed.
  4. When this happens the original event is contaminated and one’s reaction or response in that moment is no longer to the original version rather to the version one has created, the perception.
  5. The perception goes on to be stored as a memory, which one draws on at later dates.
  6. Hence one is constantly responding either to a faulty perception one form in the moment or faulty perceptions one has stored in their memory system.

True Perception:

  1. True perception is created by acceptance. Acceptance means not being in conflict with any event. It does not mean one has to agree and does not mean not to feel anything.
  2. When one is in acceptance they are realistic rather than idealistic. It is what it is.
  3. As one practices mindfulness of the breath meditation their mind becomes more and more accepting and less and less argumentative about what is happening in the moment.
  4. The practitioner builds the skill to recognize the feeling tone before their mind has a chance to contaminate the event via the ego’s attempt to explain and own it. As soon as the feeling is recognized, and acceptance is present the ego lets go of taking ownership of the event and handling it.
  5. As a result true perception is formed requiring an appropriate response to reality as opposed to what’s made up by the mind. In this case responds are much more reliable, wise, effortless and harmonious to one’s experiences.
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