Tip #1:  The Audience Wants You to Succeed!

When I heard this the first time, I was completely surprised! After all, I had heard how difficult some audiences can be! But if you think about it, this certainly makes sense. The audience has paid for your speech, workshop or seminar. They have set aside their valuable time.  They want you to succeed because if you fail, they will be wasting their time and money. They want you to be good! They are rooting for your success! Remember, the audience wants you to succeed!

Tip #2:  Winging Your Speech Is Never A Good Idea!

Now, let’s face it! You wouldn’t give a piano recital without a lot of practice beforehand. Nor would you enter a tennis tournament if you weren’t well trained and ready to perform. So, why would you do a speech, workshop or seminar without ample preparation? Knowing your material by heart is important. But “winging it” because you know your material is never a good idea.  Practice does make perfect, so practice, practice, practice!

Tip #3: It is in The Doing That We Succeed! 

We said, “Practice Makes Perfect.”  The better prepared you are when you come up to the front of the room, the less nervous you will be! What a wonderful additional benefit to all that annoying practice! It’s true, dear speakers! Take it from me! It’s one of the tips which has gotten me over much of my stage fright. To minimize the butterflies, practice, practice, practice!  Then, speak as much and as often as you can.  Remember, it is in the doing that we succeed!  It is in the succeeding that we become the best we can be!

By Carolyn Cousins-Goldman