Creating Success and Well-being by engaging and influencing corporate leaders who impact so many lives.


The Mission of Mindful Business Institute is to optimize success and well-being.

Values: Our Values are ALIVEN

Accountability: We constantly practice and train ourselves and our clients to be aware of thoughts, because thoughts lead to emotions, be aware of emotions because they lead to action, be aware of actions because they lead to habbits and be aware of habits because they lead to our destiny. Being accountable before we act.

Loyalty: Our loyalty is to our mission, vision and the well-being of the people we work with and serve.

Integrity: The key to success is integrity. We practice honesty, respect and responsibility for our conduct and the quality of services we provide. We expect and encourage the same from all those we work with.

Value: The heart of value is generosity. We strive to offer more value than expected of our programs. As we evaluate our success one of the key questions is: Did we provide valuable service to our clients? Did our trainings and programs add value to our clients’ products and services? Did our clients become self sufficient?

Excellence: In this ever-changing and evolving world it is not only important to be up-to-date with product and service development but more important to stay in-touch with human connection and core human needs. In order to provide excellent services we maintain a high level of experties in our profession and stay connected to humanity and humility.

Non-Harming: It is of utmost importance that we walk our own talk. With a mission to optimizes success and wellbeing we continue to cultivate mindful awareness of our approach, communication, negotiations, and all interactions in order to avoid any and all harm that may be caused by our actions. We encourage the same in our clients.


Practicing our founder’s COMANDTM Model, we provide business analysis including organizational system, culture, processes & procedures and determine areas of strengths/talents, areas of confusion and blind spots. By coaching our clients to cultivate awareness and a sense of the present moment we reconnect them to their desired outcomes to include a state of comfort, joy and fulfillment. Through identified strengths and practice of clarity, we tackel our client’s issues and collaborate to achieve, even to surpass their goals and desired outcomes (objectives). We explore how to best optimize existing resources and enhance the entire organizational culture through strategies and procedures that result in an emotionally healthy, highly successful and sustainable organization!

A High Level, 21st Century Approach:

Our founder created the model of Leaders & Strategies in COMAND™ to lead us into the new era of connectivity, openness and mindfulness. We embody this model to create paths that lead individuals, teams and institutions towards achieving Actualization in The Moment© (ATM©).

Our 3 Way Test

We continually evaluate the content and impact of our processes, tools / methodologies and courses through this Three Way Test:

  • Does it expand capacity for growth?
  • Does it foster self-reliance?
  • Does it promote greater success and well-being?

“Every human being can do one thing better than anyone else in the universe. Find what that is for you and put it to the service of others.”

(Dr. Deepak Chopra, 7 Spiritual Laws of Success)