Actualization in The Moment© (ATM©)

Effective Management looks to highly skilled and mature individuals.  Ones who have reached a certain level of self actualization and or prepared the ground to reach that goal.  According to Maslow, Self Actualization refers to a state where one has achieved the highest potential an individual can achieve. In this view, Self Actualization is dependent on one’s basic needs being met, otherwise, one is unable to grow to his/ her highest potentials.  Maslow developed this model by studying accomplished leaders with high level of intelligence and sometimes geniuses. For that reason, this is a destination many may never reach. 

Actualization in The Moment (ATM©), however, suggests one is able to actualize every moment by responding to life mindfully.  This means the ability to be at one’s highest potentials regardless of one’s basic needs having been met.  This includes living the highest potentials in creating Success and Well-being for oneself and for others at any given moment.

ATM is a key component in leadership and overall personal and professional productivity.  By directing our full attention and presence in the moment to a specific area, we are enabled to choose the right strategy which provides best results possible for the moment.

Paying attention to the principals of cause and effect with fullest awareness possible of all that is occurring every moment could prevent billions of dollars in losses and other harmful consequences to humanity.  When Alan Greenspan was asked to testify about the financial crisis, he seemed unsure of what had happened.  He blamed everyone else and everything else for what he was supposed to be managing.  Huffington Post published his testimony.  See a sample below:

Angelides: Would you put this under the category of ‘Oops,’ we should have done it?

Greenspan: When you’ve been in government for 20 years, as I have been, the issue of retrospective and figuring out what you should have done differently is a really futile activity… My experience has been, in the business I was in I was right 70 percent of the time, but I was wrong 30 percent of the time and there are an awful lot of mistakes in 21 years.

Angelides: Would you put this in the 30 percent category?

Greenspan: I don’t know.

See full report: Greenspan Testifies to Financial Crisis, Blames…

It is obvious here that Greenspan was not in any kind of ATM© state, not during his administration nor during his testimony.  “A fair question that got a fairly convoluted answer”, a reader commented.  Obviously, Greenspan is not present to what he is facing.  Unable to hold the pain of what is happening in the moment, fear, shame and guilt; he attempts to flee from even his own judgement.  Not present to the fact that the more he is unaware of his own emotions, responsibilities and the effect of his actions, the more he can cause confusion and harm.  Truthful lessons that could be learned will be lost.  Instead false lessons may be learned in response to the type of issues that are originated and concocted in the mind in order to withstand the pain of what is true.

Hence, we strive for Mind Management from the COMANDTM Model.  We do this by practicing mindfulness to clear our minds, and manage what occurs in the mind; instead of believing that whatever occurs in our minds as truth and allowing it to manage our lives.