Collaborative Projects & Joint Efforts

We seek to join efforts & resources in consulting projects and with other consultants in related categories including OD, OC, PM, BA, etc.  We believe there are many links between all visions and goals; and that success depends on the relationship between elements of a system and having the right people for the right job and the right solution for the right problem/cause.  All systems, from the most granular level to the most moument, function most effectively with appropriate collaborative effort.

To join any of our projects, training, and consulting work or to request our consultants and trainers to join your efforts please contact us through Collaborative Projects & Joint Efforts

Career Opportunities

Currently we have several Internship openings available at UiV.  These Internship opportunities provide excellent opportunities for developing related skills through hands-on experience under the guidance of expert personnel.  A letter of reference may be provided for interns who display eagerness to learn and to perform high quality work, as a team member or working on projects individually. 

The following positions are offered to students currently in two year or four year BA, and other business related Graduate level Programs such as MBA, and OD, OC, etc.  The Intern commits  for 3 months or until the given project is completed, whichever comes first.  Minimum costs such as mileage, phone, etc. will be reimbursed:

To apply for these positions send us your qualifications along with a letter of interest for the position.  Specify the position title and Job ID # in the subject of your email.  Be sure to provide phone number and other contact info to receive a response from us.  Send your request to: Internship Opportunities at UiV.