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Organizations face many challenges to their effectiveness, success and wellbeing. Often these challenges relate to how employees and managers experience their work environment. And no matter how carefully we pick employees, personal difficulties and stres can complicate work processes. Organizations who create smart and well thought-out strategic processes and procedures enjoy better results. We offer Mindfulness training to enhance employee wellbeing and optimize all results by increasing your employee’s ability to respond from clarity, presence and increased wisdom.

Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Awareness (paying attention intently)

  • Awareness of one’s internal experiences (thoughts, perceptions, interpretations, feelings, emotions, sensations, pains, etc.)
  • Awareness of one’s emotions (anger, sadness, frustrations, joy, compassion, judgment, etc.)
  • Awareness of one’s communication & choice results (cause & effect)
  • Awareness of the impact of external events

Skills learned are:

  • The skill to stay calm in the face of challenges and obstacles at work & home
  • The skill to discern vs. judge
  • The skill to distinguish opinions & facts
  • The skill to make most appropriate choices & decisions
  • The ability to listen with natural curiosity, openness & kindness
  • The skill to enhance personal accountability

Benefits of Our Mindfulness Based Consulting and Trainings:

Individual Benefits

  • Improved communication, concentration, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Improved self-esteem, self confidence and wellbeing
  • Improved interpersonal & conflict resolution skill
  • Increased ability to manage stress, anger, fear and frustration
  • Increased focused and productivity
  • Enhanced openness & ability to work with diverse groups & individuals
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Increased job satisfaction, commitment & loyalty

Team & Organizational Benefits

  • Better management of time, priorities and valuable resources
  • Reduction in wastes and costs
  • Higher team cohesiveness, productivity and accountability
  • Increased Organizational Health & Wealth
  • Decrease in communication pitfalls
  • Decreased injuries and worker’s comp claims
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Increased success in project management and more ……

Choose From One of These Programs Or Tell Us What You Need:

Mindfulness Based Stress Management

  • Efficiency Training (MBET)
  • Team-Building (MBTB)
  • Cultural & Diversity (MBCD)

Mindfulness Based Communication (MBC)

  • Time Management (MBTM)
  • Conflict Management (MBCM)
  • Body & Nutrition (MBBN)
  • Mindfluness Based Strengths

Sample Testimonial:

“Employees who have taken this program have returned to work with a renewed sense of commitment and empowerment. They learned methods of thinking and behaving that they could then apply on the job immediately and maintain it. The results from this training are that employees meet every day with increased enthusiasm, productivity and better decision-making and judgment. I highly recommend this training for your employees.” Jan Ricciardelli, HR Director, Richards & Associates

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