Strategic Planning

Courses / Workshops:  (see upcoming)

  • Priming the Mind for Effective Management, Part I
  • Training the Mind for Effective Management, Part II
  • Transforming Our Processes for Optimized Results

Seminars:  (see upcoming)

  • Leaders & Strategies in COMANDTM
  • Getting Unstuck from Goals & Plans

Professional Development

Courses / Workshops:  (see upcoming)

  • Optimizing the Impact of Your Strengths through Mindfulness (based on Strength Finder 2.0)
  • Be The Master of Your Livelihood – Based on the Cycle of Professional Excellence© model
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – (MBSR) Based on Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn’s model
  • Developing Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Avoid Communication Pitfals

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