Top Five Strenghts:  Communication, Strategic, Adaptability, Command

Myer’s Brigs:              INTP;   The Architect

Enneagram Type:      5;  The Sage

 Daniel Davis is the co-founder of Mindful Valley, a mindfulness training organization for individuals and professionals.  Daniel is a Mindfulness meditation teacher and Life Coach.  Daniel’s coaching involves guiding individuals and teams through the process of learning and practicing an Advanced Art of Living (AAL©).  AAL© is a holistic process that addresses feelings, emotions, thought processes, and all that there is in order to enable a person to live a full and satisfatory life.

Beginning in 1986, Daniel studied and practiced Insight and Zen meditation with many leading Western teachers including Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Diana Winston, Susan Kaiser-Greenland among others. Daniel’s interest in meditation began while Activities Coordinator with the Jan Berry Center For The Brain Injured. Inspired by the neuroplastic qualities of the brain, he began developing mindfulness exercises using drumming and other creative practices for people with serious brain trauma. Daniel has since taught mindfulness practices at Promises Treatment Center, Bridges to Recovery, both Sylmar and LA Central Juvenile Halls.

In 2007, Daniel graduated the Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practitioners Program, a rigorous 2 year training concentrating in Buddhist studies and the practice of meditation. He continues meeting with his fellow DPP group monthly and been accepted to CDL – Community Dharma Leadership Training Program at Spirit Rock. 

From 2003 – 2008 as an active member of InsightLA, Daniel helped build the organization by serving on its Executive Council and teaching mindfulness training courses. Well connected in the mindfulness world, he has taught as an adjunct teacher at Against The Stream and the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute in UCLA. Currently, Daniel works full time as the Program Director of Mindful Valley developing curriculum for teens, therapists, artists, and 12 step programs while teaching mindfulness courses both under Mindful Valley and Unite In Vision.

 Daniel’s full Resume