1. When evaluating your strategic plan, be sure to understand if you took your orders from your organization’s mission statement or took orders from the chaos of the environment.  This is one of the most crucial elements missed by organizations who feel not as successful as they want to be. And this applies to any size organization, even  to a one man/woman show.  Our mission is to Optimize Success and Wellbeing.  And everything we do must support this mission. 

  2.  Take time to discover your employees’ and your own natural strengths.  This way you can engage and involve in what you all do effortlessly.  When you love what you do and do it effortlessly, you won’t want to stop, you don’t get tired and you won’t complain about not enough pay or benefits.   Studies show that focusing on natural strengths results in happiness and fulfillment, which increase quality of work level of productivity.  

  3. Be sure to include training needs in your evaluation.  Often companies provide performance reviews, focus on positive and negative behavior and outcomes, but not offer any training or ways to improve the skill or behavior.  But first you must use a systematic way to evaluate properly in order to have a clear and accurate picture of areas of needs for improvement. Our consultants work closely with Strength Finder tests and provide mindfulness training to optimize the utilization skills of your employees’ strengths.

  4. This one will never get old.  Practice mindfulness meditation daily to enhance your mental and emotional clarity, feel calm in the midst of chaos and improve all your results. 

  5. Develop a Mindful Time Management Process.  That means figuring out what elements cause you to waste time and other valuable resources.  These could be too many distractions, lack of attention, lack of direction, etc. 

  6. Before you spend valuable time, money and other resources to invest in social media , take the time to understand Social Media and how effective it can be for your type of business.                       

  7. Understand new laws that impact employee privacy protection in regards to Social Media.  i.e. Moreno v. Hanford Sentinel, Inc., 172 Ca. App. 4th 1125 (Cal Ct. App. 2009) (no cause of action for Invasion of Privacy where information was posted on a Myspace page). 

  8. Create Social Media Policy that clarifies boundaries for the type of Social Media activities that impact your business negatively.  This can include controlling the use of company sponsored sites. 

  9. Unite your Vision with all your stakeholders.  Everything in this world is connected. Find those connections and create a  link to other people’s or organizations’ vision.  Your chance of success will increase dramatically if you can create alliances to share resources with one another.

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