Reading a brilliant article by a colleague, Ariel Blair, I realized, once again, how mimportant training for mindfulness at work is  to change and producing great results.  Ariel who is an MBA consultant and finishing her doctorate in Organizational Development points to awareness and focus in a model that is inspired from the Gestalt approach of psychology.  She offers the Intersection Model for effectively managing  change.  Here are the four steps:

  1. Raising awareness of the current organizational reality, or “what is,” inclusive of mapping the organization’s concept.
  2. Focusing and committing organizational energy, or “choosing what to attend to” in order to reach objectives.
  3. Moving to action, which occurs when an understanding of business strategies and an organizational foundation permits individuals to perform in the organizational context.
  4. Assessing what did and did not take place, and what was learned.

See the full article at:

Boundary Bending, Integrating Strategy & Organization Development. OD Practitioner, VOL. 36, NO.4, 2004 

It is often too difficult to pause, put agendas, goals and strategies on hold while you make extensive assessment of the business status.  However, if we cultivate mindfulness in our daily work, we are most likely aware and clear about the state of our business, not vaguely knowing or just by seeing numbers, but in actual experience that all departments have in alignment with desired organizational results. 


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