Introduction to Mindfulness & Work – Stress Management Course

Our minds are constantly bombarded by conflicting demands and priorities.  Everything may seem like a priority and stress builds up when our expectations are not met.  Sometimes, there are no real demands and we still feel stressed out.  Our health, wealth, productivity and fulfillment is constantly in flux. 

This 8 week course is designed to provide you an understanding of how the mind works, the pitfalls that are generated by our own perception and to provide you tools such as mindfulness meditation and other mindful practices to enhance focus, concentration and awareness in order to manage stress and deal with the challenges of work & life more effectively.  Register by July 31 and save $50.  See price options below.

What Reduces your

Success & Profitability?


Benefits of Mindfulness At Work Training

Poor Judgment

Burn out /Fatigue

Low Productivity

Incomplete Projects





Communication Issues



Poor Time Management

Low Accountability

What else?

The Bottom-Line

Constant Stress is proven to be mentally and physically disabling, often preventing employees from performing with maximum effectiveness. Scientific studies show that by cultivating mindfulness, stress and anxiety decrease to healthy levels, which positively impact employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction. The course creates an understanding of how the mind and perception work. By developing employee’s observational, reflective and present moment skills the following benefits are experienced:

Employee Benefits

  • Improved communication, concentration, decision making and problem solving skills

  • Improved self-esteem, self confidence and wellbeing

  • Improved interpersonal & conflict resolution skills

  • Increased ability to manage stress, anger, fear and frustration

  • Increased focus and productivity

  • Enhanced openness & ability to work with diverse groups & individuals

  • Increased personal accountability

  • Improved overall health and well-being

Team & Organizational Benefits

  • Better management of time, priorities and valuable resources

  • Reduction in wastes and costs

  • Higher team cohesiveness, productivity and accountability

  • Increased Organizational Health & Wealth

  • Decrease in communication pitfalls

  • Decreased injuries and worker’s comp claims

  • Decreased absenteeism & procrastination

  • Increased success in project management

  • Increased job satisfaction lead to commitment & loyalty

  • Increased flexibility to withstand undesirable changes that impact work environment.

Your organization will achieve new levels of success and profitability by improving on its most important asset – its people.

 Studies supporting the benefits of Mindfulness training

Class starts:  Wednesday, Aug 24  – Oct 12; 7:15 – 9:00pm-  8 Wednesdays

Will recieve course curriculum upon registration.

Fee:  $240.00  for 8 weeks –  Regular Fee Includes a half-day Mindfulness Retreat

Location:  West Hills, California – you will recieve the exact address when you register.

Scolarships available for individuals with financial hardship.  For more information contact us at:


Sliding Scale – Please pay the highest amount you can.

Testimonials:   “Employees who have taken this program have returned to work with a renewed sense of commitment and empowerment. They learned methods of thinking and behaving that they could then apply on the job immediately and maintain it. The results from this seminar are that employees meet every day with increased enthusiasm, productivity and better decision-making and judgment. I highly recommend this seminar for your employees.” Jan Ricciardelli, HR Director, Richards & Associates

  I felt this class was well worth my time, that I received a very good understanding of what Mindfulness is all about, and that Manijeh gave good reading materials I can fall back on. I have already felt the effects of the mediation in that I have calmed down quite a bit since I started taking the class and I’m not taking life so seriously as I did before. Excellent class and excellent teacher! Carolyn Cousins-Goldman, Distinguished Toastmaster

“I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the mindfulness-based stress management workshop yesterday. I am SO glad that I went; not only do I have great first-hand personal experience to enhance my analysis of mindfulness based practices for organizational effectiveness, but I will begin using mindfulness practices in my own everyday situations. I understand now that it takes TRAINING.”  Nicole Steen, OD student at Clairmont University


…and as always, we feel privileged to have known you and Daniel…You’ve helped change the very foundation of our lives and introduced us to a joy that we didn’t think possible…
With love, Rick & Sharon