Creating and maintaining a successful business depends on  Wise and Dependable Management.  The most important signs of Success include:

1) Financial strength & sustainability
2) Employee health and happiness
3) Loyal and repeat customers

How would you say you are doing in each of the above categories?
Do you have a 
wise and dependable management process?
Here are some tips:

Tip #1:  To create a wise and dependable management process, train your mind to be present with all that’s presented to you.  This training can be done through Mindfulness Meditation and other mindfulness techniques offered by our training programs such as Mindfulness through food training.

To increase employee health and happiness, provide the means for your staff to practice Mindfulness.  The more Mindful you & your personnel, the less stressed out, the more productive and happier you all would be.

Listen to a 1/2 hour radio blog talk that offers information on training the mind through Mindfulness of eating:  Changing your relationship to food via Mindfulness

Tip #2:  Do a Business (X-Ray & Analysis) periodically and consult with an expert to explain the analysis and develop appropriate tactics for financial sustainability & strength.

Tip #3:  Be generous with your products and services.  There is no other tactic more effective than generosity.

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