DISENGAGED EMPLOYEES COST YOU: “According to Gallup’s calculations, actively disengaged employees – the least productive – cost the American economy up to $450 billion per year in lost productivity.”

If manager primarily                      Actively Disengaged
Ignores employees                                          40%
Focuses on weaknesses                                22%
Focuses on Strengths                                     1% 

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS: Gallup claims strengths development results in higher levels of employee engagement, and higher employee engagement is good for business. Compared to business units in the bottom 25%, the most engaged 25% of all business units Gallup has studied have:

  • 37% less absenteeism
  • 25% less turnover in high-turnover organizations such as sales
  • 49% less turnover in low-turnover organizations
  • 27% less shrinkage – (Added to profits)
  • 49% fewer safety incidents
  • 60% fewer product defects
  • 12% more engaged customers – (more sales transactions)
  • 18% higher productivity
  • 16% greater profitability

“This is how the numbers work in real life: Sony Europe takes employees strengths so seriously that they’ve created “Super Teams,” groups of volunteers who focus their talents on performance issues selected by the company. In 2004, according to Strategic HR Review, Sony implement this strengths-based approach in Turkey. By 2005, sales had increased by 41%, the company was 20% ahead of budget, profit increased by 50%, and employee engagement improved by 10%.” from Strengths Based Selling Book, by Tony Rutigliano and Brian Brim

What is the Strength Finder 2.0?

Strengths Finder 2.0 is a test developed by the Gallop Organization to discover employees’ Top-5-Strengths from a pool of 34 Talent Themes. These Top 5 are natural talents and the more a person gets to use them the stronger they become at them. The purpose is for employees and managers to focus on developing Strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses and utilize these Strengths for optimal effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction.

About our Strength Finder 2.0 Training:

These natural Strengths, if not managed skilfully, can produce negative effects, known as “Barrier Labels.” For that reason we have developed a training curriculum that incorporates the practice of Mindfulness in order to raise the level of employees’ awareness around their Strengths. To use them as tools and not as some fixed way of being. This training enhances the impact of employees’ performance and accountability by:

  1. Increasing the level of individual and team consciousness
  2. Increasing the level of self-awareness and ability to self-manage
  3. Understanding what motivates team members to consistently provide their best work
  4. Understanding how “Barrier Labels” work and how to manage them
  5. Learning how to manage stress and conflict among departments

The Benefits of This Training are:

  1. A higher level of individual and team consciousness that lead to higher accomplishment
  2. More skill and understanding of how to turn the switch of a particular Strength Off/On
  3. Lower stress and conflict among departments
  4. Increased level of self-confidence and team collaboration
  5. Higher ability to achieve the company’s core competencies and goals
  6. Increased project success and the bottom-line

Client Testimonial:

“Dr. Manijeh Motaghy has a strong understanding of the connection between the various strengths in Strengths Finder. Coupled with her teaching of mindfulness, I have learned to be more aware of my strengths and how to appropriately use them at the right time to positively impact my work and personal life.”

Hoa Su, MPH, Manager, Health Education, State Health Programs Health Net, Inc. of California


  1. Most sessions will be about six hours – for smaller groups we can reduce the time needed
  2. Individual and group work – providing a safe and comfortable environment for team members and their bosses to have dialogues and get to know each other’s natural strengths-based work style
  3. Break out sessions – to work on scenarios and other aspects of training
  4. Q & A

Engage Your Employees via Their Natural Strengths, Strengths Finder 2.0 For prices and other details about Strength Finder 2.0 Training Contact us: info@mindfulbusinessinstitute.com or call us: (818) 835-3848