Thank you Manijeh. Last night I did the 12 minute meditation after I emailed you and also went through the RAIN steps and applied the loving kindness exercise. It helped a lot. Channeling positive thoughts for a difficult person really helps to let go of the negative energy. It feels like finally coming to a place of forgiveness, compassion or maybe just finding peace again. This exercise was great for that. 

When I woke up this morning I thought about the situation again and the feelings came right back. I went through the practice again and it helped to release the energy. I read your email this morning and found it so true what you said about our minds keeping things long after they are gone in memory. It was like it stored the images and associated negative feelings on a hard drive ready to be recalled at the flip of a switch to start the imaginary battle all over again. 

Thanks for the great lesson and your words. Have a good weekend! 


I just want to say what a pleasure it was to meet you! I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the mini session you put on for us. I had so may take aways and insight just from our short time together 

Thank you again and I look forward to learning more from you in the future.


Stephanie (Acting District Mgr) 

Michael Kors 

Manijeh walks in a room and brings light and positivity with her. She delivered a powerful training to my team at Health Net on StrengthsFinder and Mindfulness that transformed the way my team interacts with each other, and how they view themselves and others. She worked close with me on what I wanted and delivered above and beyond my expectations. She introduces concepts that you may not have thought about with a playfulness and professionalism, using solid examples that help you get it. One of the main things our teamed loved was how she presented that everyone has concepts of things but they are not what they seem. We came away with a new appreciation of how life flows, how to interact with each other and the value of being present in the moment. Manijeh is an expert in her field and uplifts all who come in contact with her. I would recommend her hands down to anyone thinking of using her incredible services. 

Diane L Baxter Community Solutions Supervisor, Community Relations Health Net of California 

Re: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Senior Consultant & Employee Trainer at Mindful Business Institute 

We were delighted to be part of a Strengths Finder all day training session with Dr Motaghy, Manijeh as I prefer to call her. Manijeh is a very personable character and she took the lead with our group of 24 at the time very quickly. The day ran very smoothly and was not only engaging but very interesting and dare I say intriguing. So much so that we have now fully incorporated Strengths Finder Training into our team which subsequently expanded to 30 members by the end of 2012 and we anticipate it being at 50 members by end of 2013 – I can only imagine the array of Strengths that we will gain! We have all new members take the gallop poll to find their top 5 strengths and they each get their own personal copy of the book that Manijeh had us use in the initial one day training session. 

I have personally kept in touch with Manijeh and will shortly be inviting her back to Health Net to do another one day session on Strengths Finder which will not only reinvigorate what we learnt with her one year ago but will also let all the new folks into our beloved Strength Finder secret. 

I would certainly recommend Manijeh to anyone who was thinking of incorporating Strengths Finder into their business and or personal life. 

Gemma Robson Brown 

Executive Assistant, Commercial Product Development 

4001-Product Management 

Health Net, Inc. 

“Manijeh, I first of all wanted to tell you again how very proud, and humbled, I am to be able to call you my teacher and my friend. My heart is so full of joy and happiness!! Last night was so important for me to attend the group sitting. Although I didn’t mention it, it was the year anniversary of my dad’s passing and I really thought it would be so helpful to be with the group to feel their positive energy and support. And that I did! The exercise of gladdening the heart really also helped open my eyes to so many things. I cannot even begin to tell you what an awakening it was for me in so many ways last night. Last night I left with such joy in my heart and such a feeling of lightness, although it was such a difficult day in so many other ways. It made it so much easier in the end. And that feeling really has continued to carry on into today. 

I am so inspired by you and your practice, your talks and your wisdom, knowledge and lovingkindness that you put forth. I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you have given to me, without you’re knowing what you’re giving to me…if that makes sense. I am also so excited to start with your curriculum!” 

Norine V., Therapist 

“Manijeh, It has been 3 1/2 years since I took your basic meditation class. This practice has positively influenced the way I live my life and conduct business. I am much better equipped to deal with difficult situations and difficult people, not take things so personally, think quicker on my feet and make better decisions – all of which has resulted in tremendous amount of reduction in stress, more joy, better health and sales success that is unequaled at any other time in my career. You have an amazing ability to simplify the process of becoming mindful and instruct on how to use the skills in every aspect of life. It may seem so easy, this basic concept, but it takes a dedicated and compassionate teacher to guide the uninitiated to the point of realizing the payoff of a more mindful and deliberate existence. I am confident that I would not have reached the pinnacle of success without this new dimension in my life. Many, many thanks!” Jane Pitluck, Regional Account Manager, Alexion Pharmaceuticals 

“Dr. Manijeh Motaghy has a strong understanding of the connection between the various strengths in StrengthsFinder. Coupled with her teaching of mindfulness, I have learned to be more aware of my strengths and how to appropriately use them at the right time to positively impact my work and personal life.” Hoa Su, MPH, Manager, Health Education, State Health Programs, Health Net, Inc. 

I felt this class was well worth my time, that I received a very good understanding of what Mindfulness is all about, and that Manijeh gave good reading materials I can fall back on. I have already felt the effects of the mediation in that I have calmed down quite a bit since I started taking the class and I’m not taking life so seriously as I did before. Excellent class and excellent teacher! Carolyn-Cousin Goldman 

…and as always, we feel privileged to have known you and Daniel…You’ve helped change the very foundation of our lives and introduced us to a joy that we didn’t think possible… With love, Rick & Sharon B. 

“I attended another meditation class at WeSpark. My experience with Manijeh and Daniel was one of a thousand times better. The other teacher was like dry toast in comparison. The other class was just that a class. The experience with Daniel and Manijeh was like going on a feild trip with the class. Thank you for bringing them to WeSpark.” Annie York 

“Dr. Manijeh taught a class on business branding which I recently attended. During this 6 week course, I learned so much about myself not only because of the tests and exercises she had us do, but because of her insightfulness to see the entire picture from a small bit of information. She accurately brought issues to the table which I would not have thought of without her input. I would highly recommend her as a trainer as well as business consultant, and I plan to take another of her courses very soon.” Carolyn Cousins-Goldman 

“Manijeh presented a highly engaging workshop to a group I lead: the Job Search Special Division of the American Society for Training and Development, Los Angles (ASTD-LA). The group, which consists of job seekers and career changers, benefited from the numerous, highly practical and logical strategies she shared. She was very clear in communicating her approach, which encouraged us to run job search–and our jobs–“like a business, not a career.”Larry Braman 

“As a participant in Dr. Manijeh’s course on Professional Excellence, I learned valuable insights concerning my personal strengths. Dr. Manijeh designed the course intelligently, weaving creative and fun approaches to help us gauge and acknowledge our strengths and assets as professionals. I truly looked forward to attending the group each week as each session presented fresh and innovative material. Dr. Manijeh’s mindful and grounded presence allowed meaningful discussions to emerge effortlessly. I am truly grateful to her for continuing to offer valuable and cutting-edge services to the community.” Samantha Snowden. Feb 15, 2011. 

“I hired Dr, Manijeh Motaghy as a business consultant. I was normally skeptical about business coaching but was willing to try something different. I’m so glad I did. She was very creative with her ideas. She impressed me with her insights in business and psychology. She had a plan for me and with her help I was able to execute it resulting in a mission statement for my business that has helped launch me in a new direction. I have no doubt that I would not have been able to do this without her insight, creativity and action. She is very easy to talk to and would be an invaluable asset to any business.” David Ward, Wellmax Computers 

“Dr. Manijeh’s presentation, “Run It Like A Business Not A Career,” to the ASTD LA Job Search special division group was full of practical tips and innovative suggestions. She is engaging, encouraging, and a joy to work with.” Allison Deutch 

Generosity In Action Committee – Food, Clothing, Unwrraped Toys Drive – Dec 30th to San Fernando Valley Mission 

“Employees who have taken this program have returned to work with a renewed sense of commitment and empowerment. They learned methods of thinking and behaving that they could then apply on the job immediately and maintain it. The results from this seminar are that employees meet every day with increased enthusiasm, productivity and better decision-making and judgment. I highly recommend this seminar for your employees.” Jan Ricciardelli, HR Director, Richards & Associates 

“Dr. Manijeh Motaghy provided key information that add a new and important dimension to several of the new processes for project management (e.g., Agile, Rolling-Wave, etc.). During several discussions, Dr. Motaghy was able to demonstrate her processes for a non-linear approach that point to Root Cause Analysis. Her approach consists of mindful Business Analysis and attention to links and relationships that exist within systems and impact the system. This, she devised as an aspect of her consulting approach and strategic training. Her continued contributions to our product development was nothing less than astounding in clearly demonstrating her approach that resulted in positive impact on our solutions. Her perspective on (Root Cause Analysis) is explained by the Need Analysis component of her COMANDTM model. Her Project Development Contributions 

I have highest regards for Dr. Motaghy’s professionalism, dedication to process enhancement and advocating success in alignment with personal well-being. I highly recommend her and her approach in joining any team/organization who seeks a non-linear thinking OD consultant and to anyone who wants to train in her leadership courses to become a more effective and successful manager.” see full description

Jon R. Herbold; MA, PMP, MCTS 

“I have known Manijeh and have had the pleasure to work with her as a fellow board member of the CSUCI Alumin & Friends Association. Manijeh has led the association via her strategic planning efforts and demonstrates leadership by chairing the committee. Manijeh has the capacity to bring immediate added value to any organization.”- Robert Cabral -Cabral Consulting 

“At PQC, we strongly believe in interpersonal and leadership skill developments, particularly in areas that Dr Manijeh has created the model of COMAND™ She is able to lead us into the new era of connectivity, openness and mindfulness. We are pleased to utilize her expertise and model to develop a manual for the company based on coaching and training. We highly recommend Dr Manijeh.”- Jamie Jamshidi, CEO at PQC

“You are working on a project that is of vital importance in our society. Too many “leaders” in our culture measure success only in terms of financial gain–that is too short a view for sustaining long-term success. Your work adds to the whole value to society of the work that is done. Good on you and Daniel.” – Philip Henerson 

“Manijeh has the creative ability to see many solutions where there appears to be none. A black belt in marshalling corporate chaos into well-being and success, she has been the driving organizational force behind our company, Mindful Valley. ” – Daniel Davis, Co-Founder at Mindful Valley 

“ Experience two very competent people discussing their journey with mindfulness. Well worth the time. ”— Pauline Arneberg – OD Consultant “

Extraordinary people lead and attend this group. You cannot find a better, more professional, more fulfilling group. ”— “You and Daniel certainly made my Thursday special – I will never forget either of you or the impact you had. I am blessed to have met you and look forward to continued growth.” Kathleen Matthews 

“Janis was anxious about meeting with you on Friday, expecting you to be a kind of “task master” about coaching, and she remarked how much more relaxed she felt in your presence, and how you succeeded in slowing both of us down to at least contemplate for a few moments that ideal life, that perfect day and perfect week—that you insisted on in no. 1, and which has helped both of us focus on the practical steps each day to get there. More shall be revealed . . .” – David McCann, PhD. 

“I first met Manijeh when she applied for an HR Assistant position in my HR department. I knew that she did not have much experience in this area, however I could tell immediately that she was very intelligent and enthusiastic and that she had the desire and thoughtfulness to learn quickly and give every effort to learning this area as completely as possible. Much of the HR department at that time needed development and Manijeh was indispensable in this regard. I could give her tasks from interviewing employees about their jobs for the development of job descriptions to assisting in the coding of a new HRIS system. She is at once at home with the very technical aspects of a job as well the creative and innovative aspect of any given project. 

Manijeh is a woman of achievement. Not only has she been the proprietor of several companies, but (while being a full time student) has lent her time and energy to various school committees and as a Board Member at her alma mater. Here, she showed her initiative, leadership abilities and vision. She was always engaged, respected by her classmates and colleagues and very enjoyable to interact to with.” Jan Ricciardelli, HR Director at PGI 

Manijeh created such a powerful and rich experience for us! I am so glad that she was able to bring her knowledge and expertise to our work place. I would and will highly recommend her again and again… Shannon Baldwin-Lawler