Mindful Business Institute provides Mindfulness-based training programs to increase employee engagement, productivity, and leadership. Our Mindfulness-Based stress management programs teach employees how to be more present, less reactive and relating to their environment with compassion and generosity. Learning these skills result in reduced cost of health care, reduced absenteeism, reduced mistakes and related costs and increased bottom-line and employee loyalty.

Our Programs, and Interventions are embraced by Dr. Motaghy’s model of Mindfulness Evolved: Optimizing The Human Software

Outcomes We Seek With Our Clients:

First, we determine the objectives and scope of the engagement with you, then aim to deliver these outcomes.

High-Level, 21st Century Organization Development Programs Include:
Consulting Services:
  1. Management and Organization Development Consulting: Complete Assessment of Organizational Systems, Processes/Procedures, and Organizational Culture
  2. Customized Organization Development Interventions and Strategies include:
  • Employee Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Change Management
  • Stress Reduction

Corporate Wellness Programs (ME, Mindful Employee)

  • Stress reduction
  • Posture & physical pain
Mindfulness-Based Employee Development Seminars / Workshops


Aligning Corporate & Employee Core Values

  • We will help you figure out employees’ personal core values & aligning them with organizational core values
  • Learn effective ways to adapt to corporate values. Work through corporate core values to achieve the highest success

Utilize Your Natural Strengths To Be The Best Leader You Can Be

  • Strengths Finder 2.0 test
  • Learn your individual top 5 strengths
  • Learn how to utilize them properly
  • Learn how to recognize your strengths’ negative side
  • Learn to minimize the negative effects of your strengths

Understand Why Followers Follow And How You Can Gain Their Loyalty

  • Leadership qualities are not determinant of what followers want
  • Follower needs
  • How to cultivate the ability to fulfill follower needs

Learn Different Functions of Communication and Setting Effective Boundaries

  • The hallmark of each communication function
  • Using the most appropriate communication function(s) in different situations
  • How to fix a conflict due to using the wrong communication function
  • Creating clear verbal or written boundaries

Learn How To Manage Uncertainty and unexpected Change

  • What is change
  • What your expectations are
  • How to develop appropriate flexibility


  1. Learn How Not To Be A Victim
  • Understanding the victim loop of ignoring, denying, blaming, rationalizing, resisting and hiding
  • Ways not to fall into the victim loop
  • Creating the accountability loop
  • Maintaining accountability

2. Learn Accountability Methods That Can Increase Your Success

  • What it means to be accountable before you have to
  • Effective methods to hold others accountable
  • Strengthen the key element in being accountable


  • Learn How To Deal With Difficult People and Situations
  • What constitutes difficult
  • Remedies to prevent difficulty from arising
  • Tools to diffuse difficult emotions
  • Creating and maintaining clam and positivity

2. Avoid Communication Pitfalls

  • Understanding communication as verbal, physical, mental, emotional, written, music, cultural, metaphors and silent
  • Four Communication Styles
  • Different Communication Functions
  • Figuring out the best communication mode

3. Learn How To Manage Fear And Anxiety In Yourself and Others

  • Understanding the brain reaction
  • Dealing with criticism and judgment
  • Minimize Faulty Perceptions
  • Creating a stable inner peace

4. Learn How Conflicts Forms & How To Manage & Diffuse Conflict

  • The negative feedback loop
  • Understanding primary human needs
  • Recognizing underlying emotional causes of conflict
  • Creating positive feedback loop
  • Setting a different tone for interaction

5. How to Hold Employees and Others Accountable

  • Understanding your own boundaries
  • Understanding work boundaries
  • What to focus on
  • Methods for setting & communicating boundaries effectively

6. Learn Effective Listening Methods & Produce Accurate and Effective Responses

  • Key to attentive listening
  • What are the obstacles in the way of listening
  • Removing those obstacles
  • Best way of connecting instead of repeating or re-phrasing what you hear


  1. Avoiding or Getting Over Presentation Pitfalls
  • Dealing with anxiety & stage fright
  • Creating clear and effective presentations
  • The No Nos of presentations
  • Methods to capture the audience attention
  • Methods to be naturally humorous
  • Finding your voice, ease and confidence

2. Learning Effective Methods For Problem Solving

3. Getting Unstuck

4. Achieving Your Desired “Quality of Excellence”

5. How Thinking “Inside The Box” Will Yield Better Results


All Programs, Workshops, Seminars & Training are offered On-site, Off-site and Online

Who We Serve

We have served many industries both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Our approach, management consulting, organization development, coaching and employee training are applicable and adaptable to any industry or any size organization.

Industries we have served include:

  • Arts & Film
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Mental Health
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate
  • Spiritual
  • Other

Our clients include: Motion Picture Television Fund Hospital, Disney Immagineering, InsightLA, Child Development Institute Cal State University of Northridge, CSUCI, Glendale College, Girl Scouts of America, SFV Mental Health Kaiser Permenante, Health Net, Chapman Law University and more.