Often when a situation gets hot, out of control or very uncomfortable the mind stops thinking rationally.  Emotions take over and speech or choices become impulsive.  When you are experiencing such stress follow these very quick and easy steps to bring your mind back to a stable and neutral state so you can function properly.

Step 1.  Stop whatever you are doing, whether talking, planning, trying to calm someone, worrying, feeling anxiety, etc.

Step 2.  Take a Breath – bring your attention to your breath, quietly inhale & exhale for a few seconds

Step 3.  Observe what is Present –  tune internally with  your body, mind and emotion.  Ask what is here?  Is  it judgment, chaos, a feeling of rush, anxiety, fear, sadness, physical pain, fatigue? Stay with it for a moment and feel what is present and

Step 4.  Proceed – By giving your attention to what is present, most symptoms of anxiety and chaos disappear. This is the nature of impermanence.  All things that arise must pass.  The sooner you get in touch with that which is uncomfortable the sooner it passes. In just a few seconds the mind becomes calm  and you can proceed from a place of detached, neutral & wellbeing.

*NOTE:  If you are a manager, coach or a therapist and find that your employee or client is stressed out perform STOP yourself internally and that alone may be enough to help calm the other person.
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