In an aim to increase the power and ability to provide Organizational Health & Wealth Optimization, Mindful Business Institute formed strategic alliances with a core group of professionals who bring over 50 years of combined experience, knowledge and expertise in areas of Organizational Development (management consulting), Corporate Wellness Programs for employee training and presentations. This group has come together in an aim to provide solutions and packages that enhance all business areas and create healthy wealthy organizations. Mindful Business Institute has access to and is constantly expanding its strategic alliances with other business professionals such as HR, Product Development, Strategic Marketing, Green & Sustainability and other areas to meet client needs. Meet our Power Team:

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Meet Our Power Team

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. O.C. – Management / Organization Development Consultant and Employee Trainer

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is a Management Consultant, Professional Trainer, and Speaker. She is the Founder of Mindful Business Institute and the Co-founder of Mindful Valley. She is the author of Leaders & Strategies in COMANDTM Model. A model that shapes healthy wealthy organizations, successful strategies and compassionate leaders. Her approach embodies Organizational Health and Wealth Optimization. Dr. Motaghy’s passion for enhancing organizational success through humane practices lead her to study and practice Mindfulness Meditation and to develop mindful strategies under the Umbrella of “The Mindful Organization”. In order to enhance professional capabilities, Manijeh developed and conducted workshops under the “Cycle of Excellence”. Read more about Manijeh


“Thank you so much for this. And for everything you’ve done. I am someone who came a bit reticently to the practice — more out of desperation than any predisposition to that sort of thing — and I can truly say that it’s changed my life. I’m so grateful.” Katy

“With Manijeh’s guidance I have become a far more effective leader and manager, as well as immeasurably better human being.” Meryl Lander, Vice President Corporate Infrastructure, DataDirect Networks, Inc.

“By working with Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, I have learned how to relate with myself, my inner life, others, and the world in a much more embodied, enriching, and joyful way” Alyssa Linkletter

Mark Samuel is a Thought Leader and CEO of IMPAQ, an international consulting firm that guides organizations in achieving measurable breakthrough results within six months through a unique system that links Execution, Culture and Deliverables. Mark is the best selling author of the acclaimed Creating the Accountable Organization and just released his newest book, Making Yourself Indispensable: the Power of Personal Accountability. Read More

As a former legal secretary for over 20 years, Carolyn Cousins-Goldman knows what it’s like to work in the professional arena. After “retiring” several years ago, she couldn’t stay away from finding meaningful work which could stretch her skills. In 2004, she joined Toastmasters International, rising to the top 1% of Toastmasters to attain the Distinguished Toastmaster award for success in speaking and leadership. During this time, she has taken on such leadership roles as Area Governor, and Lt. Governor of Marketing for District 52 which encompasses Downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Westlake and Thousand Oaks. She is currently Lt. Governor of Education and Training for the District and remains an active member of four clubs. Read More

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