Connective Leadership

  • Bring about change through Connective Leadership
  • Which of the 3 Types of connective leadership are you?

  • Where do leaders end and others start?


Expantion of

Strategic Thinking

  • Why have past strategies failed?

  • Develop strategies that are adaptable to change

  • Core values and rigidity – why it doesn’t work

  • Convert chaos into peace – a functional work environment


Mind Management


  • Integrate and expand cognitive processes (i.e. Intellectual Capital & Creativity)

  • Develop the “Mind Pattern” that are most effective to your and your team

  • Actualization in The Moment ©

    • “Self” Actualization vs. Thought, Action, & Speech Actualization

    • Understanding leadership as ATM



  • Learn The Method for Accountability

  • Avoid the multi-tasking trap



Need Analysis

  • Is it The Right Solution for the Right Problem?

  • The process for Need Analysis

Diversity / Commonality

  • Leveraging diversity

  • Optimizing through commonalities

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