Every day I encounter someone, a student, a friend, a client or a family member who complains about their job environment, stress, the people and or the type of work they do.  Some come right out and say it, “I hate my job.”  Others may not be so frank but secretly harbor hatred and resentment.  And there are those who tell themselves, “Be happy you have a job.”  Here is what to do if you or someone you know is one of these people:

FIRST, I’d say, take an inventory by practicing your daily mindfulness training.  How? Take a few days and just observe everything about your job and account for any small pleasant  and neutral moment. Notice if there are moments that you are actually having fun laughing or enjoying a deep conversation with a coworker.  Notice those moments that you smile at a favorite picture on your desk. Notice the moments that you are doing so well, focused and feeling good about your work.  It may be while you are helping a customer, or simply typing a report, or doing some research on line.  Notice those moments that you take a break, walk away to get some fresh air (a must do regularly) and also those moments that are just neutral, no hardship, no pain, no stress, no rapture, simply OK.  


SECOND, Add up all those pleasant & neutral moments and see if these type of moments actually make up most of your time at work or very little of your time at work.  Be willing to see things as they are and not as you believe them to be with one blanket statement.  


THIRD, Distinguish between the absolute idea, “I hate this job.”  Or “I hate the boss.” or “I hate my coworker.” or “I hate this office.” or “I hate my shift.”, etc. and what is true in every moment.  You may actually find that not every moment is a miserable moment and not every moment has to be pleasurable for you to not be hating or resenting. Sometime we hold on to anger, negative feelings and discomfort to prove we are unhappy.  Believe me it is better to be happy than to stubbornly prove you are not.  


FOURTH, When you bring awareness to what is actually happening each moment as opposed to what you believe to be happening, you can also see issues and areas of discomfort that are real but that you can actually do something about.  Often our mind misjudges situations and makes everything bigger than it is.  Learn to make your problems smaller so you can solve them.  Then re-asses and see if you still really hate your job.


If you find doing this inventory hard attend our Mindfulness At Work Classes to train your mind to be more discerning and wise so you can expand your chances at success, happiness and contentment.  Practicing mindfulness daily will enhance your mood, your choices, your strategies, your relationships and your overall happiness.

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